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We are Jeep enthusiasts that want high quality products at affordable prices.  To that end we started Savvy Off-Road to provide you with some very savvy products. 

Our aluminum products are designed to be as strong as a comparable steel product at less than half the weight.  Think of it this way.  We put 70lbs of corner armor, 70lbs of gas tank skid armor, 80lbs of rocker armor on our Jeeps.  That's at least 220lbs more than a stock Jeep.  Add that to all of the other stuff we cram into them and it is not uncommon to see an extra 500lbs on a Jeep.  Factor in the bigger wheels and your Jeep is now a dog and the suspension sags.  If the rockers, gas tank skid and corners only weighed a total of 75lbs you see why we are making things out of aluminum.

Aluminum is every bit as strong and resilient to steel.  We use 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy.  Look at the picture at the right.  Those aluminum corners have taken plenty of abuse at Johnson Valley's Hammer trails and have not dented or bent.  Of course, there are some scratches but you'll find the same ones on the steel corners.  It makes a difference being lighter on the trail.  Find out for yourself.

Where do we play?

There are many beautiful, breath taking and awe-inspiring trails in California.  We like the rugged isolation of Johnson Valley's Hammer Trails.  Considered some of the toughest trails in North America.  We invite you to come play with us!

Trail Tested

  • Our products are trailed tested here and other great trails.
  • Our test mules are everyday TJ/Unlimiteds that have been outfitted and built to withstand tough trails.


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