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We at Savvy have been hearing for years from you as customers that “we need shirts”. We finally are doing a test run on some new Savvy Off Road shirts. Sizing will be S-XXL. At this time they are unisex t-shirts. When we order another batch of the shirts we will do a small batch of ladies shirts. Hats are also on the production list.

Thank you, Scott Herrick, for making these for us.


6 thoughts on “T-shirts

  1. How do I get a shirt?

  2. Finally!! lol

  3. I’ll take a Jeep Gladiator shirt or sweatshirt!

  4. I would love a T-shirt but the image on the back is kinda sexist and offensive. My wife and daughters would be pretty disappointed in me for wearing something like that and I can’t blame them. I know some really like that type of thing but I hope you’ll proved some other options down the road.

  5. Don’t forget about us big guys… XXXL?

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