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We at Savvy have been hearing for years from you as customers that “we need shirts”. We finally are doing a test run on some new Savvy Off Road shirts. Sizing will be S-XXL. At this time they are unisex t-shirts. When we order another batch of the shirts we will do a small batch of ladies shirts. Hats are also on the production list.

Thank you, Scott Herrick, for making these for us.



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Savvy Off Road Web Site Update

Welcome to the newly remodeled Savvy Off Road site!
Please forgive us, as we are still learning this new system ourselves. We have been working on this for some time now in order to make it a superior experience for you as our customer.

Many of our products may say in stock, but we need to update them.  That takes the time that we don’t currently have but we will try to get on it as fast as we can.

For new customers on this site: For payment, the only credit card is being accepted right now with PayPal being the next possible payment gateway.  Although there are tests for the payment gateway, there may be problems that arise such as weird costs for shipping or mispriced variable products.  For the time being, we only have UPS shipping enabled but we are looking into some other shipping programs.

For old customers on the previous site: If you have backorders, do not worry as we are still tracking them and will hopefully be able to get them out as quickly as possible.  If problems do come up, we will try to have you make purchases on this website.

Almost all of us will be out this next week, so hopefully, none of this burns to the ground.  If you place an order before 3/31, use coupon: savvy10.  That is about as good of deals as we give.  Since we are all going to be MIA, nothing will ship out except for what is already pre-packaged…  Which is just about nothing.  🙁